Local Parks

We’re lucky to have over 40 parks in Marchant Ward. Many of these feature facilities such as dog off-leash areas, playgrounds, barbecues, walking tracks, and outdoor gym equipment.

Location of Parks


Alderley Grove Park
Chelford St, Alderley

Grinstead Park
Shand St, Alderley

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Rainbow Lorikeet Park
Croker St, Aspley

Marchant Park
Gympie Rd, Aspley

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John Patterson Park
Norman Dve, Chermside

7th Brigade Park
Murphy Rd, Chermside

Beneke St Park
Webster Rd, Chermside

Dead Man’s Gully Park
Abarth St, Chermside

Fredrick Annand Park
Webster Rd, Chermside West

Huxtable Park
Dundalli St, Chermside West

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Bowden Park
Maindencombe St, Geebung

Kath Ballard Park
Copperfield St, Geebung

Geebong Park
Murphy Rd, Geebung

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Gordon Park

Gordon Park Playground
Khartoum St, Gordon Park

Kokoda Park
Tindal St, Gordon Park

Montrose St Park
Montrose St, Gordon Park

Archer St Park
Montrose St, Gordon Park

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Emerson Park
Cheviot St, Grange

Grange Forest Park
Raymont Rd, Grange

Halford Park
Blandford St, Grange

Lanham Park
Sellheim St, Grange

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North St Park
North St, Kedron

Alice St Park
Alice St, Kedron

Bradbury Park
Kitchener Rd, Kedron

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Damon Rd Park
Damon Rd, Lutwyche

Kedron Bridge Reserve
Perry St, Lutwyche

Norman Ave Park
Norman Ave, Lutwyche

Prentice Park
Swinburne St, Lutwyche

Swinburne St Park
Brook St, Lutwyche

W.A. Jolly Park
Ernest St, Lutwyche

Wesley St Park
Wesley St, Lutwyche

Bradshaw Park
Lamington Ave, Lutwyche

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Gibson Park
Stafford Rd, Stafford

Hickey Park
Babarra St, Stafford

Keith Payne VC Park
Buddina St, Stafford

Shand St Park
Shand St, Stafford

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Stafford Heights

Aldren St Park
Maryland St, Stafford Heights

Broula Park
Broula Park, Stafford Heights

Heilbroom St Park
Heilbroom St, Stafford Heights

Webster Rd Park
Webster Rd, Stafford Heights

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To find out about facilities and amenities in our local parks, visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au

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